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Personal Interview – includes getting familiar with the client’s problem and examining his or her locomotor system to identify its effective state. Perusing medical reports from specialists is part of the examination.


Mobilisation and Soft Tissue Techniques – the techniques involving treatment of soft body parts (skin and subcutis, muscles, tendons and membranes) to improve their mutual mobility. The techniques help to return muscle function, release joint blockage and eliminate pain, and are very helpful in relieving painful (active) scars after injuries and surgeries.


Massage – results in positive influence on various pathological manifestations of local and overall conditions; provides support of physiological processes in the muscles.


Cryotherapy – cold therapy with the use of the KRYOTUR 600 instrument, involving local cooling of painful sites after soft tissue therapy to enhance muscle regeneration.


Electrostimulation – therapy with the use of the KRYOSTIM 600 instrument to stimulate the nervous system and enhance muscle regeneration.


Postisometric Relaxation Exercises – involve relaxation exercises to stretch the muscles and release muscle tension.


The Back School – the goal is to detect and eliminate bad working and motor habits in sitting, standing, rising, lifting and carrying loads.


Balancing Exercises – include strengthening and relaxing exercises to eliminate muscle imbalance.

• Craniosacral Therapy (also called CST) is a gentle, non-invasive tactile method of working with the spine and the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid through the central nervous system. By gently touching the spine, the skull and its cranial structures, not exceeding the pressure of 5 grams per cm2, the therapist helps tune into the client’s craniosacral rhythm and optimize the “tidal pulsing” of the cerebrospinal fluid through their spinal cord. This has subsequent effects on the client’s motor functions, thinking, emotions and overall mental condition. During the craniosacral therapy session, negative energy encapsulated in body tissues and their membranous structures is being dissolved. At the same time, old traumatic memories – the results of the past physical and mental traumas that bring about various chronic problems in the body – are being released. Craniosacral therapy is recommended for people who are overly exposed to stress and mental strain, people who suffer from headaches, backache, muscle and joint pain, as well as for those who have breathing difficulties, or problems with hearing or eyesight. The therapy is helpful in treating various kinds of inflammatory processes, fever, insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, emotional and mental disorders, etc. It is an excellent complementary method in posttraumatic and post-surgery convalescence. It gives us energy to make important life changes and express ourselves. In children, the craniosacral therapy is helpful in conditions related to learning and concentration disorders, attention disorders, hyperactivity, dyslexia, night wetting, etc. One CST session takes approximately one hour, and the client is fully dressed during the treatment.

• SM-system is original method for treatmen of spinal disorders ,but primarily to quickly supply the loss of natural movement and return the lost harmony to muscles and support correct posture.Exercising with the elastic cord allows for the sthrengthening and stretching during natural relaxation. More informations: www.smsystem.cz